Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How To Become a Startup Hacker Without Going To School

You want to save yourself from the heavy stress of finding a startup hacker? I guess most non techie founders would be wishing that they have the power to code so that they can build their prototype or the first version of their product by themselves.

One of the main skills you need in the startup world is the skill to build things. And before one can build things, you must be able to code!

I get emails from wann-be startup founders who don't know how to code on whether I would love to join their team so that I can become their CTO. It's funny how things goes when you're just starting out.

Before I decided to learn how to code, I've signed up on most founder's dating network so that I can get hooked up to a technical person that will work with me on my startup. After sending mails to every technical person I came across, I got fed up. Why? Because no one is ready to work with me.

Oneday, I said to myself  'It's either I learn how to code or I forget about this startup thingy'. So I decided to learn how to code, before I knew it, things have been moving fine. Now, I've built three projects on my own and I will deploy them soon. Just waiting for designers to do their part and I ship!

I know most non technical founders will be facing this problem, you don't have to fret about this. I will let you know how you can build the first version of your startup product by yourself. And someday, you will be glad you took that bold step and you listen to my advice.

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